Company "AWT" specializes in the field of manufacture of the equipment for water-preparation of the enterprises of the food-processing industry and the equipment for manufacture of potable water. We make multicomponent devices for clearing and disinfecting of water. The configuration of such installations depends on structure of cleared water and requirements of the customer to her quality. Its structure can include an electrocoagulator, the block of correction of acidity, a softener.
Basis of such devices filters of own manufacture make sorptions. They have the case from stainless steel and original filtering materials. We also make original blocks of disinfecting the waters consisting from the ultra-violet of a lamp and an ionizing device of silver.
Quality of production let released by you directly depends on quality of preparation of water used in technology, but even the most perfect methods of clearing and disinfecting of water do not guarantee that further water will not be again infected. There are some methods of bactericidal processing of water of prolonged action. One of them is saturation of water by ions of silver.
We suggest to use device " Aquatime-C " which, at installation in a line of submission of clean water after ultra-violet lamps, sates water with ions of silver. The device is intended for operation in a continuous or repeatedly - short-term mode. Dissolution of silver in a water solution is achieved by gear transmission a current of the set force through silver electrodes in the certain volume of water for the period of time determined by the device of automatics.
At use of the device for water-preparation concentration in water makes 0,005-0,05 mg/litre, that is does not exceed maximum concentration limit. Concentration of silver is automatically supported in a range of the charge of water from 0,1 o'clock till 10 o'clock (depending on model ionizing-device).
A modeling line ionizing-devices with the charge 1, 3, 5 and 10 cubic meters/hour is issued by us.
Ionizing-device gathers on an assembly frame and incorporates to a line of submission of clean water. The device compactly also borrows no more than 0,5 cubic meters the areas of a floor. Term of operation of the device makes not less than 5 years (in view of replacement of electrodes).
Our clients of steel LIVIZ, PETMOL, Darya Semifinished items, RayPotrebCooperation and others.
Besides sale and installation of the equipment, we make as well service of systems of water purification.