The device of processing of water ions of silver "Aquatime-C" (an ionizing device of silver).

The device for processing water by ions of silver "Aquatime-C" (further - the device), is intended for processing water by ions of silver by water-preparation. Saturation of water by ions of silver is carried out by electrochemical dissolution of silver in the water environment.
Saturation of water by ions of silver is carried out with the purpose, as preservation (maintenance of long storage), and disinfecting of potable water. Besides Silver water salutarily influences an organism of the person, improves job of a brain, deduces from an organism of salt of heavy metals, etc. Water is recommended without restriction as potable water and does not demand boiling.
As a basis it is necessary to use preliminary cleared water.
The device is intended for operation in continuous or repeatedly short-term mode. Term of operation of the device makes not less than 5 years (in view of replacement of electrodes).

The technological circuit of the device.

1-ionizing device of silver; 2-flowmeter; 3-electronic gauge of the charge of water; 4-block of automatics and the control; 5-pipeline of water delivery; 6-allocating pipeline; 7-plugs of working electrodes of an ionizing device; 8-plug of grounding; 9-socket of the gauge of the charge of water; 10-indicator of job of the gauge of the charge of water; 11-indicator of an average current of an ionizing device; 12-indicator of change of polarity of a voltage on silver electrodes; 13-indicator of too low voltage on silver electrodes (short circuit "SC"); 14-indicator of too high voltage on silver electrodes (having dug circuits "XX"); 15-regulator of a current through silver electrodes; 16-plug of power supplies of the block; 19-network switch.

Principle of job of installations.

Dissolution of silver in a water solution is reached by a gear transmission of a current of the set force through silver electrodes in the certain volume of water for the period of time determined by the device of automatics.
Preliminary cleared water passes an electrolytic of dissolution of silver where silver electrodes are placed through the chamber. The block of automatics and the control is preliminary adjusted to the certain concentration residual the dissolved silver, and further, by means of the gauge flowmeter supports it at the set level depending on the charge of water. Concentration is supported in a range of the charge of water from 100 o'clock till 3000 o'clock.
At use of the device for water-preparation (preparation of potable water) concentration in water makes 0,005-0,05 mg / litre, that is does not exceed maximum concentration limit.


c.m. / hour
no more than 3.0
Power consumption
no more than 0.1
The maintenance of silver in the cleared water
Mg / I
0.005 - 0.05
Voltage on electrodes
No more than 24
Voltage of a feed
Overall dimensions of the device:
- diameter
- height


Weight of the device
Material of the case ionizing device
Stainless steel 12X18H10T
Material of the case of a power unit

Warranty period of operation of-12 months from the date of commissioning.

The price of the device depends on productivity:
- Till 100 o'clock 320 USD (without the counter and a flowmeter)
- Till 1 o'clock 800 USD
- Till 3 o'clock 1400 USD