The block of disinfecting.

Disinfecting of water occurs as a result of processing by ultra-violet radiation and by introduction by electrochemical way of ions of silver by concentration 0.003-0.03 mg/l.


Characteristics of the block of disinfecting.
Model -250.

Parameters Unit m-g Values
1 Productivity c.m./h 0.1 - 2.5
2 Pressure of water upon an input in installation MPa 0.1-0.4
3 Power consumption W No more 100
4 The contents of silver in the cleared water mg/l Not less 2.0
5 Settlement bactericidal stream J Not less 2.0
6 Voltage of a feed Vt 220
7 Material of cases   Steel 121810


The technological circuit of the block of disinfecting.

1-ionizing device of silver; 2-flowmeter; 3-electronic gauge of the charge of water; 4-block of automatics and the control; 5-block the ultra-violet of radiation; 6-pipeline of water delivery; 7-allocating pipeline; 8-plugs of working electrodes of an ionizing device; 9-plug of grounding; 10-indicator of job of the gauge of the charge of water; 11-indicator of an average current of an ionizing device; 12-indicator of change of polarity of a voltage on silver electrodes; 13-indicator of job of a lamp of a ultra-violet irradiation; 14-indicator of too low voltage on silver electrodes (short circuit "SC"); 15-indicator of too high voltage on silver electrodes (having dug circuits "XX"); 16-regulator of an average current through silver electrodes; 17-plug of power supplies of the block; 18-socket of the gauge of the charge of water; 19-network switch; 20-plugs of connection of a lamp of a ultra-violet irradiation; 21-filter of thin clearing.

Principle of job of the device.

Initial water on the pipeline (6) acts on disinfecting in the block the ultra-violet of radiation (5) on the basis of sources of bactericidal radiation DRB-36 or similar and then, for amplification of bactericidal processing water and maintenance of long storage of the cleared water - in the block of electrolytic of dissolution of silver (1). Dissolution of silver in a water solution is reached by a gear transmission of a current of the set size through silver electrodes (cleanliness of metal-999) in the chamber of electrolytic of dissolution of silver.
The block of automatics and the control (4) is preliminary adjusted to the certain concentration residual the dissolved silver, and further, by means of the electronic gauge of the charge of water (3) supports her{it} at the set level depending on the charge of water. Concentration is supported in a range of the charge of water from 100 o'clock till 2500 o'clock.