The washing machine for 5-th halon bottles.


Characteristics of installations.

N Parameters Unit m-g. Values
1  Weight without a washing solution   Kg  150
2  Quantity of a filled in solution   Kg  50
3  Temperature of a washing solution ,C  35
Overall dimensions:
- Length
- Width
- Height


1920 (2410)
5 Voltage of a feed  V  220
6 Power consumption  W  2100
7  Quantity of branches for washing bottles unit  1
8 Quantity simultaneously washed bottles  pieces  4
9 Technical productivity  bottles/hour  60
10  The charge of waters pipeline  c.m / change  1800
11  The charge of washing-up liquids such as "Polidez-M" and "Nika-2"  ml / change  875

Principle of job of the machine.

Four PC bottles are manually established in the special cartridge which moves to the washing machine. In the washing chamber of the washing machine through atomizers with the help of the electropump the washing-disinfectant solution moves. In result there is a washing internal and external surfaces bottles, thus the washing solution of its own accord flows down in the capacity - store that allows to use him repeatedly. After bottles are washed up, occurs them rinsing by water delivery under pressure through atomizers on an internal and external surface bottles.
PC bottles, past processing are exposed to the visual control, over it quality of the washed up external and internal surface is checked.
The price of installation 5300 USD.